Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Less good news about Selena

Yesterday evening, after I'd posted about our phone conversation of the previous day, I rang Selena as I'd promised and was told she was back in Intensive Care. I waited until I could talk to her parents and got an update.

Essentially, the lung infection came back and she had to go back on the ventilator - she just wasn't getting enough oxygen and it wasn't the panic attacks. They aspirated fluid from one lung that had gone semi-solid and that improved things.

There are one or two other causes for concern - her blood count is very low in spite of transfusions, for example.

She had a crisis yesterday afternoon, but pulled out of it - part of the problem is, of course, that she is weak from the chemo.

I spoke to her parents this morning - she had a comfortable night and is in no immediate danger. She is sedated, but not heavily - they can wake her up and she knows her name.

More later - I am going out this pm and won't be back until late, so I will probably post with a Wednesday morning bulletin.
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