Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Another poem for the new collection


Love fever kept me warm all winter long
in cold that echoed ache in all our bones
an ache of sadness that was not just love
Love part of it, the treble to its bass.
The spring is late. And thrusting from the ground
buds leaves emotions, green, warm steady pulse

My songs of love burn with a hectic pulse
Such fevers never last for very long
their heat helps forge new work, its shining ground
eye-dazzling with a powder made from bones
that fever arched then broke. My heart-pain bass
that throbs with decorations made from love

declaring all the compliments of love
that shimmered with the winter sunshine's pulse
and skittered elegant above the bass
of love that cut me deep all winter long
but now lets loose its pressure from my bones
as spring melts snow that lay upon the ground

as dew comes up as dawn mist from ground
a gentle smoke recedes and so does love
that's left a tenderness in all my bones
sweet pain still there. A finger on my pulse
can find it there. It's faint. And I still long
to have my ears blasted by passion's bass

As when sports cars drive past and sudden bass
hits like a wind that lifts you from the ground
a second. When love starts to fade, we long
for all the pain and sweetness of new love
cheek kiss that flutters with a gentle pulse
that twitches organs cradled in our bones

Intimacy deeper in us than our bones
heart echoes in our brains, the deep blood bass
that gives my work its slow and steady pulse
However flighty, rooted in that ground
When love fades, it's the words, the beat I love
Love does not fade entirely. I still long

when I am bones laid deep under the ground
soprano tenor bass will sing this love
Heartbeat a failing pulse – these words live long
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