Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

This is going to be my speech next week at Dyke March London


Eighty six, summer, my first year of dykes
even the ones who hated me were cool
and women loving me was more like bliss
than I'd expected. I had had no hope
I thought I never would have sex again
Then found the girl who stared into my eyes

And liked me, kissed me gentle on the eyes
then on a shoulder blade. The thing with dykes
the thing that makes me fall again
each time. That makes my love run hot again, then cool
is that each time I find myself in hope
that this will be the right one this one bliss

And every woman that I love is bliss
and bliss the ones who stare hate in their eyes
they never will forgive, but we can hope
and love as sisters all those sister dykes
The passion of their hate will never cool
But I'll forgive them time and time again

Up on this platform I will say again
that women loving women is all bliss
Who else they love, what else they were, it's cool
Because I look down, see love in your eyes
the love that brings you here as sister dykes
sometimes in pain and sorrow, also hope

There is a joy in disappointed hope
it's joy deferred, that time and time again
brings us to love. The reason why all dykes
are so few beds apart is all that bliss
and even disappointment in her eyes
that it did not work out, is often cool

I learned in 86 that love when cool
has its own heat of memory and hope
sisters and friends, the laughter in your eyes
We love, we break up, dance, in love again
It is the circle dance, dizzy in bliss
that makes us love forgive seek other dykes

Passion that's never cool warms up again
Dance of despair and hope, and heat and bliss
Loving and hostile stares, fuck it, we're dykes.

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