Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

No one with an actual vote cares very much what I think but...

I guess I owe a clear statement of why, from the position of a London-resident cynical Celt, my final hope is for No.

Not because I would be sad if Scotland left - though I would be, and would wave tearfully.

But because I genuinely think that the SNP gambled on having a very short window to be able to rely on anger over austerity - which they could delay the full weight of in Scotland for a while and so dodge being hated themselves. They neither had, nor took, the time to work out a lot of the fine print on how to make Independence workable - currency, Trident, security services, driving license agency - and relied on anger and hope to get them through, and on the utter uselessness of Cameron, Clegg and Milliband.

I think that, as things stand, if it's Yes, it will be a train wreck of crashing currencies both sides of the border, rising tides of mutual hatred, the rise of the Right ditto - with an anti-gay and anti-women aspect to it as Souter and the Churches demand their price for supporting Yes in iScotland, and Farage kingmakes among the post-Cameron Tories in rUK, It's going to be pretty fucking terrible if it's No because of all the disappointment, stab in the back stuff.

When I am pessimistic and paranoid, I think it's not a fuckup, but a plan.

And I believe that Salmond has his own plan B which involves parachuting into an international job like Blair, and saying 'the people have decided' or 'the English sabotaged it'. He'll be all right - snakeoil salesmen usually are.

We have to exploit all that hope and passion somehow, and throw out all the rascals, and maybe find a way of using promises about devolution to build something better and fairer all over this island and those of its neighbours that want to.
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