Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

TV shows that annoy fundies...

The deaths are often the best thing in 'Six Feet Under' - sometimes it seems like they are in competition these days with 'Dead Like Me' for the most elaborately tasteless demise. And tonight's - guys inflate loads of sex dolls to take, on the back of a truck, to a porncon, and they brake for a skateboarder and the dolls get loose, and a woman thinks it's the Rapture and walks under a car - manages to combine sex and religion in an almost perfect combo.

Of course, anything that takes the piss out of the Rapture is fine by me. Later on, her ghost had sex with Nate and talked about his rod and staff, in a very biblical way...

And the woman that Claire is either going to have an affair with or not is pretty cool.

Also, we watched NY-LON and were completely uncertain as to whether it totally sucked, or not.
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