Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Mills of God

Of course he is innocent until proven guilty, but Mark Thatcher, who has just been arrested for involvement in fomenting the failed Equatorial Guinea coup, does have a certain amount of form. He tends to be most remembered for whose son he is, and for getting lost in the Sahara during a race, but he has made himself personally wealthy through a variety of shady arms deals.

It has been claimed - by that quite dodgy Israeli arms dealer whose name escapes me, but who is also a witness to George Bush Sr's involvement in the October surprise, and somewhat discredited himself by acting as provocateur for Mugabe against the Opposition in an alleged assassination plot - that the reason journalist Roland Moyle was killed by the Chileans was to keep Mark Thatcher's name out of an arms deals story. It was certainly worrying how readily the Foreign Office jumped to accept the auto-erotic asphyxiation frameup of Moyle, which was subsequently proved a fake.

Meanwhile, Cheney. This is one that remains to be seen - perhaps it is a matter of those domestic virtues which prevented Philip II, in the words of the historian Motley, attaining perfection even in iniquity. Or perhaps he is about to be passed over for some other VP and decided to do the right thing for once in his career so that Bush can sack him over something that rests easy with his conscience.

Certainly his decision to speak out for LGBT rights and marriage is one of those moments when you realize that nothing is ever as simple as political piety would have you believe.
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