Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

My view on what should happen about the Hugos.

This is also on my Facebook and I have tweeted it.

I know some goog people are upset by my view of this.

There is a story we all love - probably too much because it has become a cliche; the bad person over-reaches and falls down as a result. This sometimes actually happens - they invade Russia, they forge the One Ring, they start believing Austerity works.

We may be at that moment.There appears - I so hope that it's not the case, somehow - that fixing the Hugo nominations with slates was legal in the sense that no one ever thought of making a rule about it. However, even in private organizations that have their own rules and never thought to make certain things illegal, it seems to me that there are some things which no court would disagree with even if they are formally absent from the articles of incorporation, association and what not.

If something is voted for by an organization's membership, the organization has a duty of care to ensure that the ballot box is not stuffed, that the voters are not personated and so on; that's kind of implicit to the process of voting.

It seems to me that threatening that if the vote does not go the way you want, or goes a way you do not want, you will engage in a conspiracy to ensure that all future votes are subverted, is an attempt to fix the vote to menaces. Anyone who does that should not just be disqualified from voting - they should have their candidature disallowed. Theodore Beale has threatened that, should No Award win in a serious number of categories against his candidates, he will ensure that all future Hugo votes are subverted by Gamergate, the Rabids and any other Nazis he finds hanging around on street corners.

That is, it strikes me, an attempt to influence how the Hugo vote comes out, by menaces.

His nominations should be accordingly disqualified as should any nomination in which he has a financial interest. Anything published by Castalia, which he owns and edits, for one thing. And a look should be taken at other small presses on the ballot.

This does nothing about the Sads - thus far they have not broken, though they have bent, the rules.

I would suggest that the Con Committee pay atention to this suggestion.

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