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Oh, god, is it a week already?

There really is no excuse for this - I've had lots of things to talk about and somehow everything gets shoved back on the grounds that I really need time to talk about most of them. Procrastination'r'us.

Part of the problem is that I am indexing the sf movie book, which is one of those very tedious jobs that depends on constantly jumping back and forth between a pdf. in Acrobat and a new document in Word, and having to save every minute or so because my copy of Acrobat has a tendency to crash. Plus, it is one of those jobs without end because you get almost to Metonymy and Music and then you realize that there is no entry for Biehn, Michael or Hamilton, Linda or Holm, Ian...I've still got two and a half weeks, so tinkering for an hour a day should get it done soon.

I spent the weekend with Jenny and Walter Ulrich, who were frighteningly hospitable and are coping. The strange bit was sleepig in Selena's room, which felt at once intrusive and consoling; rooms stay their owner's for a long time, I realized.

One of the oddest possible sources of fanfic is the sudden shock of recognition of the star of one show as a bit part in another - Shiri Appleby turns up in an episode of Xena I watched early this morning as a punkette wannabe of dubious morals. It took me half the show to realize why I knew her.

I am still in overload from watching Alias S3 in four days, while getting a lot of work done as well, and from watching Hero. I am less certain than some people seem to be that Hero is quite as uncomplicatedly nationalist as all that - there is such sadness to what has to be done. And besides, we all know that the Ch'in Emperor is not assassinated by Jet Li because he is assassinated by Xena. Where is she when we need her?

Which is about the most useful comment I have about politics right now.
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