Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

On the necessity of hiding one's eyes

Last night I watched 'Six Feet Under' and we have got to the point where Celeste and Keith have sex. Celeste, for those who don't know, is a Britneyesque (or possibly Aguileroid) pop singer whom Keith, David's boyfriend is bodyguarding, and is played by Michelle Trachtenberg. I fear that Celeste/Dawn may be a pairing that is on the cards, and certainly that, if I ever actually write the Dawn/Kennedy/Ilona, Dawn getting mistaken regularly for Celeste is going to feature in the plot...

One of the many other 6FU developments was that Claire went to bed with Edie and realized that she just wasn't interested in Edie sexually - emotionally, aesthetically, and just about every other way, but not sexually. Which is, for me, an odd distinction, but I suspect that says more about me than the show or its characters. I don't think I have ever experienced finding someone ( even of whatever the wrong gender at the time was) fabulously interesting, gorgeous to look at, fun to be around and totally compatible as a companion and not at least considered sleeping with them if they were interested in me. I mean, sex that is not the most fabola sex ever is still sex, and if everything else works, well worst case you get to spend more time with them...Obviously I am just a big slut.

Meanwhile, it becomes ever more necessary for people who supported the war and now don't to accuse Bush, Cheney and Blair of falsehood or at least recklessness. Cheney last night was pushing the argument that because Edwards supported the war when it started, he is obliged to persist in error.

And the Saudi religious authorities have banned stuffed toys as well as Barbies. Sometimes news like this sounds to me like religion having a nervous breakdown.

Everyone should check out cluegirl and her explanation of why J.K.Rowling is Lovecraft fanfic.
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