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Well, there's a thing

I hadn't thought this was actually going to happen, but it seems that I am actually going to be attending the Spike/Angel thrash at York Hall, Halloween weekend. Jane Espenson has agreed to take part in a panel on the writing of the show and the writing of associated and fan fiction, and they need me to moderate it.

So when I get to be a programme item again at a Buffy convention, it is not as eminent critic of the show, but as femslash writer. Which is ironic if you care to think of it that way.


In honour of the interest a small press has started to show in the memoir, I unblocked myself the other night and started a new chapter. Which included at least one sentence, a propos of the desperately screwed up relationship the chapter is about, which I really like - 'Love was moving in on me like a barracuda.'
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