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Back again for a second

Teresa has a brilliant post on Republican mindsets here:

There are times when I feel completely intellectually inadequate next to that stunning and brilliant woman...

Meanwhile, over in the Department of Broken Logic, Alan Keyes, the Republican candidate for the Senate in Illinois, has suggested, as an argument against gay parenting, that children could grow up, not knowing their 'true' genetic parentage and inadvertently commit incest. What he does not seem to notice is that this is in fact an argument against anyone conceived by AID, or anyone adopted, having sex without a full DNA test. He is just stupid and inhuman enough to actually argue that, I think.

Interestingly, this is an argument that St. Augustine, I think, came up with against sexual promiscuity in general and screwing slaves in particular. After all, in a world in which children were abandoned on street corners and brought up any old how and sold into sexual slavery, no man could be absolutely certain that he was not screwing his own bastards. Of course, it did not occur to Augustine to make this an argument against slavery, just against sex.

(I think it was Augustine, but if anyone can find John Boswell's book on abandonment of children in the late classical world, it was in there.)

It is always revealing whom the Right choose to plagiarize intellectually - right up there with the cutting edge there, Alan.

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