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I lost much of the last week to various attempts to sort out my e-mail, which is not working even though the rest of the computer is. I've been into webmail and purged everything that looks dodgy, but to no avail. Now I have to see whether the disappearance of things after seven days gets rid of the blockage...

Some of the films I have seen in the last week are mere toxic stains on the memory - I don't propose to say anything about Alien vs Predator except that it was as bad as one might have expected. I fear that it is the end for both franchises, because it is boring. However, it is a work of genius compared with 'White Chicks' - I cannot quite recall why I let myself wander into that or sit there transfixed in horror.

And then, last night, I saw 'My Summer of Love' which is smart about sexuality and class and faith and is simply one of the best films I have seen in a long time. And it is a teendyke movie too. I get to see D.E.B.S on Monday, which makes this a two teendyke movie week - what a sad old lech I have become.

Again, I won't say anything about 'Peacekeeper Wars' except that you should watch it even if you were never particularly into Farscape. It is just three hours of utterly wonderful genre television which finishes the show properly while leaving the future open for more. After all, there is still the mystery of the evil Grayza's child, which has to be John Crichton's from the time she raped him...Maybe they will do a Next Gen in which John and Aeryn's son meets this cute Peacekeeper girl only to discover that she is his half-sister - and not care, because hey! this is Farscape. And crazy space incest is a plot bunny.

Oh, and the Bill...So farewell PC Kerry Young, the best slapper on television, gunned down by the evil so-called Gabriel, who is now having to pretend that they were lovers to explain that she was pregnant by him. And that is a story he is going to find it hard to maintain...I love my mad Police soap with its psychos and UST - Irene Radford and Gina mourning Kerry kind of together - and its wacky serial killer plots - a girl resembling the missing Abi Nixon was stolen from a mortuary and dumped in the river, with a clue tattooed on her dead flesh. There are more plots to the Bill than is quite sane - the gambling DC in over his head with the loan shark who is using debtors teen children to smuggle cocaine in their stomachs and used to go out with the nice but dim PC, who is dating the younger brother of the corrupt DS who is falling in love with his colleague who despises him. The loan shark is also being investigated by the heart-attack prone DS who is using the snarky bitch DS to act as his catspaw....And the undercover reporter, and the sniper, and the superintendent who is going to be in so much trouble for failing to notice a second psycho on his squad. Oh bliss, such knowing corny trash.

And tomorrow a hard day's stewarding at the Halloween Marsters/Boreanaz thing because they are short-staffed and I am not so grand that I won't help out at a con I have to be at, and might be bored by...

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