Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

My set of The L Word arrived and so I am in total junkie mode, while trying to restrict myself to two or three episodes a day.

I am totally in love with Jenny and Marina, all the more so because their moments of happiness have to be bought by the constant risk of hurting each other and Tim, whom Jenny loves and Marina genuinely likes. Part of the pain is watching Tim's entirely legitimate anger and jealousy turn him into a much less nice person - the scene where he stands over Jenny while she tells Marina she will never see her again really hurt, and hurt for a lot of reasons.

Some of which are my own issues - it is twenty years, more or less, since the time Ash rang me to say she had decided never to speak to me again for the sake of her relationship with the Tufted Twerp and I still remember how bad that felt, even though things did not work out as one might have expected...

The other thing is that odd frisson that comes when actors one has seen in one part turn up in another. Tina in TLW was Justine in Angel - there is no time line which enables them to be the same person, as there is with Scott in Buffy and Ethan in QAF(US) - but there is a weirdness to the whole thing. There ought, I was saying to dolores and paratti, to be a ficathon for slashing characters with other people their actor played. I shall write my Dawn/Celeste some time soon, probably as part of the Rome epic...I want silly crossover slash, I so do.

Meanwhile, nothing much going on, which is why no posts - a good concert at the Czech embassy with this young showoff called Sporcl who plays Paganini as well as the obvious Czech stuff. Anna and I walked along Bayswater afterwards on possibly the last nice evening of the year and I spotted a 276 bus turning just as we got to Lancaster Gate - the 274 is one of those weird buses which connects unlikely places and travels fast by back routes. I picked it up about 9.35 and was in Islington by 10.05 to pick up my little shuttle that drops me by my front door before 10.30. I love it when public transport works really really well - my dislike of the Underground all too often leaves me with long waits and walks...


The other thing is, I've been directed by various folk to the usual right-wing sites about the gay agenda, and how, if queers are not persecuted and made unequal, we will sell our icky lifestyle to all their children.

Now, I do believe that quite a lot of people are more bi than they admit, and that social policing is one of the deterrents, but I surely don't believe that perfect Kinsey straights flip-flop for just anyone, anymore than my few totally everqueer friends are likely to change or even experiment. It is weird though that the Right believe in the infinite mutability of sexuality even more than we do.
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