Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Jerry Springer the Opera

Well, that was bracing in its musically unsatisfactory way. As usual, the shock tactics - a lot of swearing and a fair amount of sacrilege - were a top-dressing over some unexceptionable pieties about looking after each other. In a fairly predictable way, the snark at the expense of Christian mythology went along with some quite Christian values, and of course the churches and the Tory party rose to the bait. And New Labour will do the same.

The tunes are pleasant but not memorable; there is a lot of Bach cum John Adams counterpoint alternating with sub-Sondheim stuff. David Soul was attractive and less slimy than the character is perhaps meant to be. I am glad finally to have seen it and also quite pleased not to have seen it in the theatre and paid money.

I was quite impressed by the prodigious way they turned the stock swear words into musical material - even Mozart, who had a taste for such things, would have been impressed by the endless canonic repetition of fuck and cunt.

And of course it ended up with a lot of Blake - that fine old heretic who would be in so much trouble today. Everything that lives is holy; energy is bliss; the marriage of heaven and hell.
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