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So anyway

I meant to say lots of things while LJ was down, and then forgot them by the time the MadCow bit of it was back up. So it goes.I had a woman at my door this morning asking me if I wanted to know more about the bible. And I said, 'I know quite enough about it already, and much of that knowledge is a burden to me.' Which is a strange thing to say, but is what I meant at that moment.

And there is some truth in it, in that I have avoided looking at the inauguration of George W. Bush as what used to be President of a democratic state but is now probably Imperator of something else, but have found myself referring to it as the abomination of desolation exalted in the high place. That isn't exactly a socialist analysis, is it? Yet it is what I find myself meaning to say...

Meanwhile, things move towards the publication of 'From Alien to the Matrix - Readings in Science Fiction Film' early next month. It looks as if my piece on horror film and psychoanalysis will be in the TLS at just the right point to offend mortally various writers on film who were not going to like my book much anyway. Let them hate me, so long as they fear me...

In the probable absence of an actual launch party this time, I am treating the event at Borders, Oxford St, that fastfwd is organizing on the evening of the 14th as my launch. So come to that, those of you that are inclined. It is also a launchoid for Graham Joyce, whose excellent new novel 'The Limits of Enchantment' I reviewed in the Indy last week...

And I now have a reason to make more progress with the teen movie book, because it looks as if I get to do the book on the strange survival of the superhero next. And say important analytical things about Grant Morrison's reworking of the X-Men and the political commentary embodied in Brian Michael Bendis' handling of Daredevil. Now to wangle some free comics from somewhere...

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