Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

1. The tedious self-promotion bit first.

I got my copies of 'From Alien to the Matrix - readings in science fiction film' and very nice they look too. The hardbacks have that gorgeous new book smell that I like better than fresh bread and the paperbacks are pretty. I've been dipping into it and thinking, what's gone wrong with my brain in the last year that I am not that smart any more? Soon I will click into serious work again, and won't feel that.

To remind Londoners, there is an event at Borders on Monday 14th in the early evening, at which Graham Joyce and I talk to each other about my book and his truely wonderful 'Limits of Enchantment'.

2. Courtesy of ffutures I have a) got scanned texts of a couple of old stories and b) got to borrow 'Wonderfalls' which I entirely love. The utter vandalism of the executives who cancel good shows deserves a circle of Hell all to itself. And now we are depressing ourselves by re-watching 'My So-Called Life' - I wish that we could enter into trade with an alternate universe where that ran for seven years and they all went to college. And Ricky Vasquez became a great tranny role model...

3. mslashes is pimping a new dance night in SF and recalls the glories of the long-lost Bell - the great 80s queer disco in Kings Cross where I spent my second adolescence. Oh the nostalgia.
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