Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney


A lot of people have been delighted by the various websites that randomly generate unlikely buddy teamups who 'fight crime'.

I don't know whether anyone saw the actually very bad documentary by Hedy Lamarr's son about his mother's life and how she invented, and gave away, the crucial technological idea of frequency switching which was supposed to be for WW2 torpedoes, but has ended up being crucial to modern telecommunications. It was a documentary about making a documentary, and a son talking to actresses younger than himself playing his mother before he was born - this never ends well.

However, I was irresistably led to write the following about Lamarr and her co-inventor George Antheil...

'She is a famously nude starlet who ran away from her Nazi munitions industrialist boss disguised as a French maid. He is a wacky composer of jazz-based music and experimenter with new modes of sound production. Together, they play piano four-hands, AND FIGHT NAZIS'.

It's a show I'd watch.
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