Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Sounds a bit like showing off, but...

OK, the ten things I've done and you almost certainly haven't...

1. Published a short story in which I and Neil Gaiman collaborated
2 Saw 'The Rocky Horror Show' with the original cast - though not at the original venue, because I saw it after it transferred from the Royal Court to a derelict cinema.
3. Prospected for gravel.
4. Dated a doomed Crowleyan magus.
5. Shared a platform in the House of Commons with Tony Benn and Edwina Currie. (We were all addressing a National Union of Students lobby of Parliament on queer issues - this was when I was deputy Chair of Liberty.)
6. Shared an office with the future Poet Laureate and found myself fielding calls from the various women on whom he was cheating at the time.
7. Run an unofficial hostel for drag hustlers
8. Planned and executed the destruction of an abusive headmaster's car with absolute impunity in partnership with a famous, but not good, novelist.
9. Discovered an unknown work by a famous Victorian poet, and by doing so prompted a best- selling novel.
10. Eaten bollito misto in a working class trattoria in Florence.

The interesting thing is the things that didn't make the cut, like funding a science fiction magazine collection by offering to take away unwanted National Geographics at the end of jumble sales, or having a comics collection burned by radical feminists. For some reason, my past is not only rich and varied, but also weirdly relevant to my intellectual preoccupations at any given moment. I suppose that means I have learned to use my self-involvement.
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