Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

A few things, late at night.

1. In his commentary to 'Conviction', Joss points out that his villain used to be on 'Space Above and Beyond', a show which he apparently loved. So nice to know that he has good taste in dead TV shows to go with all his other good points.

2. There is a sit-com on BBC3 called 'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps'. I might not have noticed the arrogant Louise referring to the community service delinquents she has been put in charge of as her community service as 'scabby minions'. When, however, Gaz's decision to lose the weight the makeup department has made him put on through depression is represented by a 1970s style inspirational training montage, with power chords, I sense a theme.

3. Massacre night on television - Mrs Huber throttled on 'Desperate Housewives' and general mayhem on 'The Bill' where Sun Hill police station is being blown up and set fire to AGAIN. So far the only definite stiff is poor old Ken Drummond, who has hardly had a story line since his bigamy, but things look pretty bad for a number of other characters who are being written out for being boring, getting other jobs or being on the brink of being proposed to by regulars who need more angst in their lives.The interesting question is whether Superintendent Okaru's career survives this - station destroyed under him by mad fascist trying to frame Islamic terrorists - or whether he will make it through to be sacked when they eventually catch Gabriel - mad vigilante infiltrator, hirer and murderer of local sniper, revenge seducer of his adoptive half-brother's birth mother, murderer of the mother by rape of his child and now (presumably) killer by omission of the undercover journalist who has discovered all of the above.

It is such an insane show - I wish it had better production values, but wotthehell...

4. Off to the opera tomorrow night, tralala.

5. Starting to rack up word count on TEEN DREAMS. God, Winona Ryder was so good in 'Heathers'. And waiting nervously for reviews of 'From Alien to the Matrix - Reading SF Film'.
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