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I saw a good movie yesterday and it wasn't the Sith thing.

schanoes and her friend Erica, who is in town and came over with her tonight for chili and British sitcoms, wanted to go and see 'The Company of Wolves' which I don't think I've seen since Angela Carter was still alive and we had a lot of hope for Neil Jordan. And it was just as good as I remember.

I really have to update the 'Flesh and the Mirror' piece about Carter's influences and influence so as to cover the two Neil Gaiman pieces that most obviously reflect her in general and CoW in particular. 'Coraline' obviously, but also 'The Wolves in the Walls' which makes such brilliant use of CoW's last sequence.

Earlier, since I had time to kill, I went and saw the Sith thing, and enjoyed it very moderately and only on the whole.

I am sure that when George Lucas gave Obi Wan Kenobi the line 'I love you' as he looks down at a dismembered and charred Anikin, he was thinking in entirely chaste, knightly, manly terms. And I am not even saying 'Yeah, right'. What I do think is that Sir Ewan McGregor - sorry, that hasn't happened yet - saw the chance to say a Lucas line in a way that affects the entire franchise forever. And his anguish is not just chaste as far as I am concerned. This is not one of my 'ships, so why would I care? I assume that the reason why so few enthusiasts have commented on this moment is that they are too busy squeeing or being unconscious quite to process it yet.

Obi Wan Kenobi causes the whole debacle by not telling Anakin about his feelings. And he knew about Anakin and Padme all along, as so, clearly, did Yoda. With those two gossiping in the staff canteen, I imagine the entire order knew within hours. So the entire plot is about Anakin thinking something is a secret which clearly is not. And partly because of the oath of celbacy - and at this point I will say 'Yeah, right' - it appears that Anakin is the only Jedi engaged in heterosexual activity.

They're all doing it, aren't they? And the reason why Palpatine can only have one Sith apprentice at a time is that they are his young apprentices too. Oddly, one of London's erstwhile gay pubs was, and now straight, still is, called the London Apprentice, but I digress, or maybe not.

It used to be full of clones and muscle maries. Speaking of Mace Windu, which I was not, everything is his fault for not giving Palpatine due process.

Lucas clearly does mean the anti-Bush subtext, bless him. Palpatine's accession speech has uncomfortable parallels. Padme gets one of her few good lines when she says - I paraphrase - that this is how liberty dies, with applause. Crap as, on the whole, this film is, that line ought to make it as a famous quotation, if I could remember it. Lucas still can't write, even when he imagines wonderful tragic messes.

I liked Yoda and Palpatine slinging the floating daises of the Senate chamber at each other. And I got to text my sweetie that Yoda was in the ducts.

Is there a ducts and crawl-space conference anywhere in fandom? Does anyone know the first source of the ducts trope? Is it, as minitrog suggests, 'Doctor No'?
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