Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Evil scumsucking brilliant bastard genius Marc Cherry

I just watched the Desperate Housewives finale.
That was wonderful and appalling. Bree making the bed before taking her husband to the hospital because she cannot let herself accept he is dying. Rex dying believing wrongly that she has killed him. John revealing to the world what an insane bully Carlos is. And poor mad Zach, about to kill the man who is actually his father to avenge the man who is neither his father nor dead. All sorts of things waiting for next year. Will Bree be suspected of Rex's murder or work out it was George? Will Mike live or die? When will Andrew break his mother's heart? Will Edie accept what her feelings about Susan actually are?

I am pretty certain that Lynette will be OK no matter what, but the other three housewives are in a terrible state now and I am in a turmoil I haven't known since the end of Buffy Season Two, just wondering what comes next and waiting until migod January. Or will the US get it in the autumn again? Please Goddess.

In other news, Polly Peachum just walked into my novel and has become as real to me in a few sentences as Mara, Voltaire and Tiger Brown. I hope I don't have to kill her...
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