Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

And meanwhile

Crucially, after a couple of days with the Black Dog, which does seem to hit me in very hot weather, I am back on track with the Teen Movie book. Bring It On is more or less out of the way after a blitz of 3k today.

Went to a steering meeting for the Chain Reaction reunion tonight.
Chain Reaction was an SM Dyke disco in London in the 80s and I was one of the many people who worked on it - making costumes for the cabarets, doing door and so on. All of this ended badly for me, as it happens, but it is all a long time ago and there are surprisingly few hard feelings on anybody's part. Distance lends glamour.

It turns out that the chart in The L-Word is specifically based on the one that was drawn as a cabaret turn at a Chain Reaction evening - Guinevere Turner knows people who were there and she thought it was a cute idea.

Given that at least two women whose names were on that Chain Reaction chart crop up as characters in the Sandman - and my lips are sealed - that I think counts as a particularly odd connection...

Meanwhile, reading the Potter book, which is as OK and no more as such things always are, and just watched the Tarantino CSI, which was entertainingly mean and had a joke autopsy scene which might imply to some that Tarantino watched 'Angel'.
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