Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

I find it very disturbing that there has been almost no coverage of the death threats to Peter Tatchell and others from Outrage. They have been promised that they will be beheaded and chopped up 'in accordance with Islamic law' for their principled stand against honour killings and state executions of LGBT people in Palestine and Iran and elsewhere.

In particular, where are the Left on this? Where, in particular, are George Galloway and Respect?

Where is the liberal press?

Peter Tatchell is as absolutely right on this issue as he was on Mugabe, which was the last time he got brutally attacked without any intervention by the police and precious little support from anyone.

It worries me that so few people have even picked up on this - I got it from the Outrage mailing and from madam_miaow, but otherwise the only place I have seen it is bloody Andrew Sullivan. When the only person who sticks up for Peter is Sullivan, you know we are in trouble.
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