Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Six Thousand Strands of Hair

I felt I had to go and see Final Fantasy, simply because if I am going to write this damn sf movie book, there can be no copping out of looking at rubbish at least once. And everyone was absolutely right - it is good-looking in its way, but a peculiarly pointless film. The heroine's hair seems to have cost a significant part of the budget and yet, for all that each hair is individually computer-generated, it still looks wrong every time she tosses her non-racially-specific head. The wastelands are pretty standard fractally stuff and the monsters - except for the flying serpent thingy - a rather tiresome amalgamation of every monster we have seen in recent years. Interesting that both this and the equally awful Evolution share the cliche of the final form of the alien life being terribly big and terribly simple and very very hungry. Obviously there is some deep-seated fear of the violent techno-fix of which we will see a lot more.
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