Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

My Worldcon Schedule

I am staying at the Bewlay rather than on site, but plan to be at the con bright and early every day - I shall turn up by lunch on Thursday.

My panels are

Thursday 3:30pm Privacy or Paranoia? (1.5 hrs)
Roz Kaveney (
Mike Scott (
Renee Sieber
Karen Traviss (
Britt-Louise Viklund ( (M)
How justified are concerns about ID cards, RFID and the like? Are
social and communitarian interests being undermined in the name of

Thursday 5:00pm UK: Media SF vs. "The Two Cultures"
Martin Easterbrook
Roz Kaveney (
John Medany
Dave O'Neill (M)
It has long been argued that the UK is divided between the cultures
of the sciences and the arts (see to see just how
much this is discussed in the UK). While SF is sometimes invited
out of the gutter to dine with the literary establishment its media
cousin does not get even that brief respect. Despite this, the
only shows on UK television and radio discussing the human soul were
Melvin Bragg (UK tv's champion of the intellectual) and 'Buffy the
Vampire Slayer'. Is it time for Media SF to be taken more seriously
in the UK ?

Friday 6:00pm Quiz: Call My Bluff--SF Theory
Ginjer Buchanan
John Clute (
Esther Friesner (
David Hartwell
Roz Kaveney (
Christopher Priest
Gary K. Wolfe ( (M)
Panel game in which one team offers three definitions of an SF
theory term and the opposing team has to guess which is the true
definition and which are bluffs.

Friday 9:00pm Fan Fiction
Tanya Brown ( (M)
Jane Carnall
Robin Hobb (
Roz Kaveney (
Juliette Woods (
Can fan fiction writers go on to write real books? Fan authors and
real authors debate the point.

Saturday12:00 noonRomance in SF and Fantasy
Graham Joyce ( (M)
Roz Kaveney (
Ken MacLeod (
Darlene Marshall (
Delia Sherman (
Since Tolkien and Mary Shelley, romance has been a part of SF,
adding plot and depth of character. What SF writers effectively use
romance? When does romance turn a novel from SF to Romance?

Saturday 5:00pm Silken Blades and Long Blonde Hair
Barrett Brick (
Roz Kaveney (
Ellen Kushner ( (M)
China Mieville
Is there too much homoeroticism in fantasy for real homosexuality?
There are lots of really lovely gay scenes in fantasy and slash
fiction, but how is the reality of being gay presented?

Sunday 3:30pm Role of Queer SF (1.5 hrs)
Joe Haldeman (
Roz Kaveney ( (M)
Justina Robson (
Don Sakers
Does queer sf have a positive role to play in the fight for queer
rights or does it continue to treat issues of homosexuality,
transgender and other sexual identities as ôthe otherö?

Sunday 5:00pm Rumpole of the Spaceways: Depicting Law in SF
Simon Bradshaw ( (M)
Roz Kaveney (
John Pomeranz (
How does SF depict court cases, legal suits, and how does it portray
the legal process?

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