Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

And beyond exhaustion, there is more exhaustion

I will probably do a longer post at some point in which I will talk about all the entirely brilliant things I said and did in the course of the weekend. In the mean time, I just want to say that Interaction was one of my favourite cons of all time and I wish that I had done more panels rather than just eight. Because being on panels is what I like doing at cons, and people seem not to tire of listening to me.

A few high points.
1.vschanoes is the ideal room-mate, chatty at night, quiet in the morning, good company at all times. It would not have been such a great con without her moral support and chuckles.
2. I was so happy about the Hugos, especially Susanna and autopope. David Pringle deserved his special award for keeping Interzone going all those years, though as a member of the original collective, I have a view on the historical process here which could be called snarky and grudging, but which I will keep to myself unless asked off list.
3. Michael Swanwick told me where Hope Mirlees is buried and I got to visit, and weed, her grave. She is in the family plot in the grounds of the cathedral - if I had listened carefully to him, I would have found her sooner, but I thought he meant she was in the Necropolis.
4. A sweet German woman gushed at me about 'Bed of Bones', which is clearly the piece of writing which will haunt me for life.
5. The Leith Bistro did many great meals - their sausage and mash was practically an orgasm.

Lots of wonderful charming smart people - I wish I could afford cons more often.
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