Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

And so farewell...

It looks as if the BBC World Service are going to cancel their medical soap opera 'Westway' in spite of massive protests. As someone who sometimes finds themselves with insomnia after being woken by its remorselessly jaunty signature tune, I confess to mixed feelings. Last night, for example, there was an anguished straw figures discussion of female circumcision going on, which is not necessarily material for the small hours of my morning. For some reason, the World Service always wakes me with tales of oppressed minorities in Uzbekistan or the extinction of small primates - it is probably merely, I fear, that there is no cheerful news.

Except that, courtesy of paratti I got to see the season premieres of Desperate Housewives and Veronica Mars. A propos of the latter, and in an unspoily way, I still stick to my assumption that Thomas was originally going to play various things out in extended form over the first few eps of this year and was told to get the murder of Lily out of the way at the end of Season One. A man who can do flashbacks as well as he did in 'Trip to the Dentist' is not, except under the pressure of necessity, going to use them as clunkly for exposition as he did in 2.1. Still, I like the show and will persevere...
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