Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

O migod!

They killed Nate, you bastards
In other areas, Abigail dragged me along to the Degas, Sickert etc show at the Tate which opens tomorrow and is worth seeing, though mostly for the few Vuillards and the Toulouse-Lautrecs and the Will Rothensteins. The Degas paintings of dancers are as good as they are in reproduction, though oddly I liked the lithographs of them by a guy called Thornley rather more than the paintings. There is a Rodin bronze that I actively disliked, even though I like a lot of the large work; I think that I have been spoiled for small bronzes by falling in love with Renaissance stuff. Is that posy of me? Probably.

I saw the cover of Robert Irwin's new book on Orientalism and its enemies which is now called 'For Lust of Knowing'. I am both smug and embarrassed by the fact that looking at this new title, round the dinner table, I could just go 'For Lust of Knowing what should not be known/we seek the Golden Road to Samarkand'. He and I are probably the only person we know socially, though probably not on LJ, who can casually quote James Elroy Flecker.
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