Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Ding dong Billy Splat

And so he is finally gone.

The so-called PC Gabriel Kent, vigilante with a uniform, jumped to his death after failing to kill either June Acland or Dale Smith, but under the mistaken impression that he had killed his adopted brother, the real Gabriel Kent. Who may yet be terminally brain dead from his attempt, of course, but more will emerge in due course.We thought he might take Smithy over the Reichenbach Falls, but not in fact.

His final score does not put him with the great Sun Hill Police Station psychopaths, of course, because he only killed two people - Kerry and the Sniper. He told the Sniper who to kill of course, so some of the two or three victims are down to his account. He also left journalist Andrea to burn to death, because she had guessed his real identity.

This puts him ahead of Mad Detective Constable Kathy Bradford, but way behind PC Des Taverner who blew up most of the then cast in an attempt to burn down the evidence room. And even Des probably failed to score as high as the supposed serial killer, who was actually the woman who ran the cab company disposing of all possible girlfriends of the brother she had had an incestuous affair with as teenagers...On the other hand, Gabriel was considerably crazier than Des, though not as visibly psychotic as Kathy, last seen overacting in a strait jacket.

There are also the various ganglords, but somehow they don't really count.

Shelagh dated both Des and Gabriel, of course. The show missed a trick by not setting up Kathyslash for her. She really needs to stop getting involved with dangerous colleagues.

After this, where can the plot go? I want a few weeks rest, with lots of shiny Amber/Honey snarkage, which can go as flirty as they will let it as far as I am concerned, but it will probably be more tedious Terry Perkins and his unlovely affair with his sister-in-law, or Phil Hunter wasting time bitching at his brother instead of flirting with Zain. Still, the scene where he made Zain go undercover and get himself a full wax was a return to old slashy form - he does love putting pretty younger men in embarrassing situations does Phil. Like all Don Juans, he has a very predatory grin with younger men.

'Howl's Moving Castle' was pretty and made no sense - I must re-read DWJ's novel.
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